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March 07, 2023

Cooperative banks deliver strong operating performance in 2022 / impairment losses only temporary and well manageable thanks to strong capital base

The 737 German cooperative banks demonstrated the strength of their operating business once again in 2022. Net interest income rose by 8.2 percent, net fee and commission income by 2.1 percent. Operating income was up by 12.5 percent to €8.1 billion. Temporary impairment losses on securities investments and an increase in loss allowances for loans and advances resulted in a manageable net loss of €4.5 billion in gains and losses on valuation.

July 12, 2022

With substantial profit growth in 2021 and improved capital adequacy, the Cooperative Financial Network is braced for challenging times

Frankfurt, July 12, 2022 ─ In 2021, the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network reported consolidated profit before taxes of €10.5 billion in an environment shaped by the coronavirus pandemic and expansionary monetary policy. This rise of nearly 46 percent compared with the prior-year figure of €7.2 billion is attributable to growth in the operating business and a marked reduction in the need to recognize loss allowances. The Cooperative Financial Network’s equity swelled by 6.4 percent to €129.5 billion. The increased volume of customer business meant that consolidated total assets grew by a further 6.1 percent to €1,566 billion.

July 05, 2022

German Banking Industry Committee calls for more space for innovation in payments services

The European Commission has begun its review of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). The German Banking Industry Committee advocates gearing it to the actual needs of customers and giving banks more scope for innovation. In its current form, the directive is hindering progress in these areas and setting the wrong incentives for the market.


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