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BVR protection scheme

Bank customers’ confidence in the security of their deposits is a valuable commodity, as is the confidence of the money markets and capital markets in the stability of Germany’s banking system. And the stability of the Cooperative Financial Network and confidence in the creditworthiness of all its members are crucial if the German cooperative banks are to compete successfully. The protection scheme run by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken (BVR) [National Association of German Cooperative Banks] - in conjunction with BVR Institutssicherung GmbH - plays a key role in ensuring this stability and confidence. 

Since it was established: 

  • no customer of an affiliated bank has ever lost their deposits;
  • no compensation has ever had to be paid to depositors;
  • no affiliated bank has ever become insolvent.
How long has the BVR protection scheme been in place?
What function does the BVR protection scheme perform?
What has changed as a result of the national deposit insurance legislation coming into effect?
What institutions are covered by the BVR protection scheme?
How can customers obtain confirmation that they are covered by a cooperative deposit guarantee scheme?
What does ‘security of deposits through bank protection’ mean?
What is the legal basis on which the BVR protection scheme operates?
How is the BVR protection scheme audited and monitored?
BVR - May 6, 2014, 12:00:00 PM