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To ensure the interests of the local cooperative banks the BVR operates a political liaison office, which coordinates activities in Berlin and Brussels. The BVR takes up the concerns of its member banks, formulates what they expect from the German government and EU institutions, represents their views in committees, and forms alliances with partners both within Germany and throughout Europe. The aim is to proactively promote the cooperative banking business model at all levels.

As a member of the European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB), the BVR also promotes close collaboration between the local cooperative banks at European level and the communication of shared interests to EU institutions and agencies. Through the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC), the BVR communicates the interests of the European banking industry to EU institutions and monitors initiatives of the European Commission and the definition of standards for the financial services sector.

In Germany, the BVR participates in the German Banking Industry Committee (DK). The DK is an association of Germany's five umbrella organizations for the banking sector. It draws up proposals and opinions to be submitted to the Bundestag (first chamber of the German parliament), Bundesrat (second chamber), the German government, the banking regulators, and Deutsche Bundesbank. In addition, it agrees standards for payments processing, including card payment systems. Leadership of the DK rotates annually between the National Association of German Cooperative Banks, the Association of German Banks, and the German Savings Banks Association.


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